Ozwin Terms and Conditions

In advance of using the Ozwin Casino website and our gambling amenities, we encourage you to meticulously read the ensuing Terms and Conditions.

Ozwin terms and conditions

Approving our Terms

  1. Engaging with our establishment and service grants confirmation and acknowledgment that one comprehends and accepts our Terms and Conditions.
  2. If gambling services such as those offered by our company are legally disallowed in your location, you will not partake in them or see any pertinent advertisements or recommendations. For example, Aussie players will have to abide by the Australian legal system and its laws pertaining to their involvement with our establishment.
  3. Our Terms and Conditions comprise a rounded-off and conclusive consensus joining you and our company. This consensus will supersede any previous concurrences made concerning the utilization of our company’s gambling services.

Approving our terms


  1. We may revise, alter, or update these Terms and Conditions whenever we see it to be apt, with no preceding announcement to our users.
  2. Any enhancements, amendments, or updates become effective immediately upon execution.


Opening an Account and User Profile

  1. Every player may create only one authentic player profile. Ozwin Casino maintains the authority to terminate all multiple accounts we find attached to one individual person – even if the profiles contain non-identical personal information.
  2. Users that sign up to create two or more user profiles effectively forfeit their eligibility to acquire any rewards. If one cannot manage to demonstrate the individuality of a profile, we may put an end to that user account.
  3. Correctly entering personal details is essential.
  4. Funds used on our site must be derived from legal activities.
  5. You shall not have a hand in the founding of an account for a third party.
  6. You will not demand, oversee, or finalize the founding of a user profile if you are in a territory where the utilization of the profile or our services is in discordance with regulatory laws.

Opening an account and user profile

Using Our System

  1. Our Casino makes no assurances as to a player’s legal allowances to take part in our games. This extends to our company’s employees, consultants, partners, licensees, or agents in other affiliated companies as they do not have the authoritative power to make those assurances.
  2. Employees of our casino, its consultants, partners, licensees, subsidiaries, as well as agents in other affiliated companies are not eligible to take part in our company’s activities. This extends to people in their immediate family.
  3. To engage in activities offered by our system, you must find yourself residing in a territory where such engagement is in concurrence with the local legislature.
  4. Participants must be of the legal age for gambling as decided upon by governing laws of their residential jurisdiction.
  5. You engage in our activities at your own risk and caution. By participating you affirm that you do not find our games or Ozwin Casino to be obscene, unjust, or in any way objectionable.
  6. Our system is meant exclusively for personal enjoyment. Access and utilization of the same for professional purposes are strictly disallowed.
  7. You must not allow anyone other than yourself to enter or use your profile, play games, or acquire rewards. You will be held entirely accountable for all transactions that occur on your user profile, and all losses suffered including those sustained as a repercussion of a third party gaining access to your account.
  8. Every bet should be laid down using our user interface. We maintain our authority to retroactively invalidate any bets made using disapproved software. If you breach this clause, we may choose to close down your profile or take alternative suitable measures.

Using Our System

Personal Information

  1. The account holder is entirely accountable for the safekeeping of an account number and password.
  2. We are not obligated to conserve information regarding usernames or passwords in the event a player cannot access our services as a result of anything besides our company’s error.
  3. Your username must not be deemed to be obscene, threatening, or derogatory. This includes the use of profanities, and sexually or racially discriminatory language. If this clause is breached we maintain the right to take any actions deemed appropriate by us, including the choice to terminate your profile.

Personal Information at Ozwin Casino


Users are required to give evidence and authentication of their identity. You shall submit all verification documents requested.

Account-holders should deliver:

  • A coloured copy of a valid picture ID;
  • A recent Utility Bill addressed to your place of residence (issued within the past two months).

Other verification documentation could be demanded at a later date. 

If you employ the use of a credit card to fund your account, you should additionally submit:

  • A signed copy of the Account Verification form;
  • A coloured copy of the card used, both the front and back sides the card authorization and the holder’s ID.

Scanned, comprehensible, and easily-readable copies of the paperwork need to be e-mailed to [email protected].

Identification account at Ozwin Casino

Further Conditions of Use

  1. If we are inclined to think there takes place corrupt, illegal, or illicit activity on your behalf we maintain our prerogative to retain any sum total from your profile and instigate legal proceedings to collect payments owed. You shall completely cover all costs in interconnection with your participation in our system. You concur to not make any cash-backs, repudiate, retract, or countermand any of your deposits. In such a circumstance all rewards are cancelled and you must reimburse our company for unsettled deposits and all losses suffered by us in collecting your deposits.
  2. If our casino finds you to be dishonestly playing or setting out to defraud our Casino or putting out false or ill-intentioned comments targeting our company, we maintain our right to publicize your actions accompanied by your identity and email address, as well as to share this information with other casinos, banks, credit card companies, and appropriate agencies.
  3. Game materials are non-viable if faked, forged, manipulated, or interfered with; if unintelligible, replicated either mechanically or electronically, procured outside authorized channels, or if they contain any erroneous information. The liability of erroneous game materials is limited to their replacement.
  4. Data volunteered for reward claims come to be Casino property and may not be given back. Our company takes no responsibility for misplaced, tardy, unreadable, fragmented, damaged, or misdirected requests, reward claims, or entries.
  5. If any clause written in our Terms and Conditions is seen to be void or inapplicable by any court or administrative body of qualified jurisdiction, the other clauses contained within our agreement will stay in full force and effect.
  6. Our Casino has a low tolerance policy for abusive and/or offensive wording and actions. Hostile, derogatory, discriminatory, or vulgar wording and actions may lead to the suspension of gaming privileges, or other actions as necessitated.

Further conditions of use

Bet Acceptance and Winnings

  1. If you claim any rewards from the Casino you grant us permission to use your name in advertising and promoting our system without reimbursing you, wherever allowed.
  2. You assume full liability for any pertinent taxes on rewards you’ve acquired.

Bet acceptance and winnings

Customer Complaints and Disputes

  1. Disagreements and complaints regarding game outcomes must be put forward to us in writing within two weeks of the objectionable occurrence. 
  2. If there happens to be an inconsistency between the game outcome showing on your software versus that showing on our server software, only the outcome found on our software will be considered valid.

Customer complaints and disputes

Player Account Closure

The Casino may close an account without giving the user warning. The profile’s balance may be accredited to the profile owner when it’s closed. Our company maintains the authority to repeal any prizes and take away any balance in your online account under any conditions encompassing:

  1. There is a fair belief that you oversee multiple profiles.
  2. You have sought out to utilize a credit card in a name that does not align with the name on the profile.
  3. You’ve taken part in one of our promotional offers but have not fully satisfied its prerequisites.
  4. You’ve not provided the correct facts and particulars when it comes to your registration, profile, or identity.
  5. You are below the legal age required to partake in activities we offer.
  6. The place you are currently residing in has banned involvement in our services by law.
  7. You’ve granted a person, other than yourself, access to your player profile. Note that only the account name holder shall partake in our site’s activities.
  8. You’ve engaged with our casino on a basis other than individual and for means other than your own amusement. This encompasses engaging for professional means, in concurrence with others, as part of a collective, etc.
  9. It’s been established that you’ve been cheating or operating with a tool or software intended to win over our system.
  10. You’ve been conducting low-risk plays to extract monetary gain and have been determined to abuse bonus offers.

If there has been no activity on a user’s profile for over a full year, the account will be declared idle, any deposit or withdrawal amounts on it will be counted as relinquished, and the account will be terminated.

Player account closure


We are not accountable for issues caused by device or Internet malfunctions nor by attempts to partake in games by means or methods not intended by our site.

Our company, as well as our consultants, partners, licensees, or agents in other companies affiliated with our own, will be fully indemnified by you for any costs, expenses, damages, and liabilities that may arise as a result of:

  • Your entry, use, or reuse of the Casino’s server, its webpage, or any materials contained therein;
  • Your involvement in our activities;
  • Your acceptance of any prize.


Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Ozwin Casino maintains the prerogative to include new games or activities or to discontinue any game or activity, with no warning to its players, at its sole discretion.
  2. Ozwin Casino reserves all rights to its trademarks and any material or content on the website. Use of the site and any material found therein does not obtain you any rights to these properties.

Intellectual Property Rights

Deposits and Withdrawals

  1. Payments will be conducted through the same system deposits were made, if possible. The company has the prerogative to determine which payment method will be employed when paying out users. Withdrawals can only be demanded by the account holder.
  2. An e-mail notification is sent after any purchase. We encourage the cardholder to save a printed copy, along with all transaction data, game rules, and cancellation regulations to eschew future misinterpretations.
  3. If you fail to wager your deposit at least one time before demanding a withdrawal, an administration fee of 15% will be applicable to your rewards.
  4. To respect and adhere to legal and regulatory commitments regarding money laundering, you are not authorized to request any payout without play through.

Deposits and withdrawals at Ozwin Casino

Promotional Terms and Conditions

We advise all users to read and understand these Promotional Terms and Conditions before engaging with our promotional offers.

At our company, we are devoted to providing a fair and enjoyable gaming experience. For this reason, we’ve placed an upper limit of AU$10 on wagers you can place during a bonus playthrough.

  1. By accepting a Bonus, you confirm that you comprehend and consent to our Promotional Terms and Conditions.
  2. These Promotional Terms and Conditions comprise a complete and conclusive consensus between you and our company. This consensus supersedes any previous concurrences and representations concerning the claiming of welcome promotional offers or bonuses.
  3. Our company may revise, alter, or update these Terms and Conditions with no prior announcement to users. You are solely responsible for reviewing and gaining a full understanding of the terms of a promotional offer before partaking in it.
  4. We reserve the right to alter or cancel any offer as we deem fit, with no prior notice or obligation to users.
  5. To qualify for a promotion you must have a player profile registered in your name.
  6. Each promotion is obtainable once per person, payment account number, device, or shared IP.
  7. A player profile may qualify for each bonus one time alone. If you open another profile all bonuses and prizes may be nullified.
  8. You may take advantage of the promotion if, and only if, it was sent directly by the casino and you were the intended recipient. Offers are not transferable to others.
  9. We are aware that some bonus links may be shared on other pages. If our casino has grounds to prove a certain promotion you participated in was not received from us, that is through the means we used to send it out, we will not process any withdrawal requests from your profile, even if betting criteria have been satisfied.
  10. Promotional bonuses must be laid before you begin playing using your initial deposit.
  11. Wagering a sum that exceeds the AU$10 single bet limit during a bonus playthrough will lead to any promotional winnings being cancelled.
  12. You must complete all of the requirements of a promotional offer before the applicable bonuses may be added to your withdrawable balance.
  13. To qualify for a withdrawal of free bonus funds players should wager all free bonuses a minimum of 60 times. Wagering may not be done on table games or any games that are not pokies. If you play an excluded game before you have fulfilled betting requirements for the given promotion we may annul all winnings and terminate your profile if we see fit. If you make a withdrawal request before betting requirements are met it will be rejected until you satisfy said requirements.
  14. You have successfully completed a promotion after you’ve met all the betting requirements, or, alternatively, when your balance drops below AU$1. When you complete the betting requirements for a promotion with a cash-out limit only the maximum cash-out amount will be transferred to your withdrawable balance. Any balance over this amount will be removed.
  15. If one or more withdrawals on your profile remain unsettled, you will not qualify for any bonuses until such withdrawals are either recovered or nullified. Abusing this policy may lead to your winnings being voided.
  16. You may not use promotions in combination with one another, or with any existing profile balance. If you make use of a bonus on top of an existing playable balance your winnings may be cancelled.
  17. If our company’s management has reason to believe you are exploiting our promotional offers, we may refuse you the extension of bonus offers. 
  18. If we suspect any fraud, all withdrawals will be investigated and rejected at our management’s discretion.
  19. All deposit bonuses are cashable and require a minimum deposit of AU$20.
  20. Free no deposit bonuses have a maximum cashout limit of 5x the bonus amount.
  21. Placing bets on Roulette on the colour Red or Black is not permitted. You are also not allowed to wager on European Roulette while a bonus is active on your profile. Violation of this clause may lead to any produced winnings being voided.
  22. For every no deposit bonus, you may receive a maximum cash-out of 5x the bonus amount, unless the offer has been stated differently. The clause remains valid even if a player has hit a Random Progressive Jackpot. This rule may only be annulled once a user’s balance drops below AU$1.
  23. For our deposit bonus coupons, the wagering requirements are 30x the sum of the deposit plus the bonus, unless otherwise specified. You must fulfil betting requirements for every deposit bonus you use. This rule may only be rescinded once a user’s balance drops to AU$0.
  24. You may not receive winnings from any of our deposit-based reward bonuses in the event that the awarded deposit value is under AU$10. 
  25. You shall not use multiple free bonuses or free spins offers consecutively. If you redeem more than two free bonus offers and fail to make a money deposit in between, our company’s management pay cancel any bonuses and winnings on your profile.
  26. We may consider winnings on comp points null and void if they’ve been accumulated with the use of consecutive free bonuses.
  27. If you’ve never made a deposit at our casino you can claim a free money offer only once. Winnings from additional free money offers will be nullified.
  28. In the event that you haven’t made a deposit in over three months and you make use of a free bonus, our site may not permit you to finalize a withdrawal.
  29. There is a maximum of AU$180 that you may redeem from winnings obtained from current and previous free money promotions. Any funds that supersede this total will be taken away from your balance after processing the withdrawal. Attempting to go above this limit may cause the elimination of funds from your player profile.
  30. To successfully withdraw winnings made during any of our free bonus promotions of AU$25 to AU$50 you will be required to verify your registered address by sending in a copy of a utility bill issued to that same address within the past 2 months.
  31. Users are permitted only one player account. Winnings made on duplicate accounts become automatically nullified and are taken away.
  32. Gameplay restrictions extend only to free bonuses. As soon as betting prerequisites are fulfilled you may freely partake in any of our presented services.
  33. Promotional offers are only extended to certain countries. Users from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan do not qualify for any bonuses.
  34. Our company imposes a maximum withdrawal limit of AU$7,500 per user. Winnings exceeding this amount shall be paid out over a period of several weeks.
  35. A certain clause of our Promotional Terms and Conditions may not be applicable to a promotion if the offer has stated terms contrary to those of the policy.